REST Fest East 2018


API Discovery In The Real World Is Complicated
Keynote: Friday, September 28th

How do you find APIs? How do APIs find you? How do your APIs find consumers? How do your APIs find other APIs? API discovery in the real world is complicated. There are plenty of easy solutions that work in our heads, on paper, and in academia, but there are few that work at scale across the ever expanding API landscape.

I would like to share my API discovery journey over the eight years as the API Evangelist with you, and talk a little bit about where I feel things might be headed, sharing some ideas about what we can do to make our APIs more discoverable, integratable, and ready for use. There are no easy answers when it comes to API discovery, but with a little awareness about the technical, business, and political motivations that exist across the landscape, we can keep from drowning in the very messy world of APIs we've already set into motion.

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Kin Lane is the API Evangelist. Not in the sense that he is evangelizing any single API platform—it is about evangelizing all APIs to a wider business audience, moving the conversation outside the technology echo chamber. Paying attention to not just the technical, but also the business and politics of the web API movement, sharing everything he learns on his blog at

Schedule (see the wiki for more)

Pre-Fest - Workshop

Start Finish Event
Registration & Breakfast — bagels, pastries, & coffee
REST: A starting point
CRUD for the masses
GraphQL for the new kids
Hypermedia for the dedicated
Anatomy of a Web API Server
Anatomy of a Web API Client
API Definition Languages
The Hard Stuff

Day 1 - Hack Day

Start Finish Event
Registration & Breakfast — buscuits (cheddar & cheddar/ham) & coffee
Overview of the Representer Pattern and the REST Fest Video Project content
Hackathon Group Formation
Stand-Ups, Demos, Wrap-Up
Late GET /greenville - Tea/Bar Crawl Kickoff!
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Day 2 - Stack day

Start Finish Event
Registration & Breakfast — scones, spinach feta pinwheels, ham & cheddar pinwheels, coffee
Stack Day Talks (TBA)
Stack talks & 5-in-5 talks (TBA)
Dinner Break
-- Espresso Bar Opens!

Keynote: API Discovery In The Real World Is Complicated
by Kin Lane

101 N Main St. 3rd Floor — Open Works
Boardgames & Star Trek Continues!

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Day 3 - Conference Day

Start Finish Event
Registration & Breakfast — Build Your Own Omelette
Feature & 5-in-5 talks (TBA)
Feature talks
Wrap up
Late After Party!
Liberty Tap Room941 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601